Welcome to 2021

Welcome to 2021

A big THANK YOU to you, our customers and cheerleaders for your patronage, referrals and encouragement this past year. In spite of the unprecedented challenges in the year, you were a great support in ensuring that we remained in business and further more made significant achievement despite all odds.

To the kids who adorn and relish the comfort and exquisiteness of the Zucchini clothing brand, we say thank you and we truly love you.

To the parents and guardians who made the choice of purchasing our clothing brand, we are immensely grateful.

To our distributors and affiliates, thank you for holding strong throughout.

To our silent admirers who consistently refer customers to us. Yes, we do not know most of you but we are grateful for the support and putting words in for us where necessary.

As we move forward this new year, we look up with great expectations to deliver a global kiddies afro-centric fashion brand. We do count on your unrelenting support, patronage, referrals, and feedbacks as we undertake the journey together.

Welcome to 2021.

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