The 3rd MSME Clinic Awards: Reminiscence

The 3rd MSME Clinic Awards: Reminiscence

The 3rd MSME Clinic awards has come and gone, leaving behind impressions in the minds of a selected few. The yearly awards organized by the office of the Vice-President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo as a way of recognizing, commending and rewarding the efforts of the MSME community in their contributions to the development of the nation is very laudable.

On our part as a business, though not clinching the prize for the Fashion and Style category we entered for, it provided us an opportunity to reappraise our vision as a business entity, and gauge it through the lens of others, which this competition affords.

Submitting our application on the last day when application closed and still emerging among the 36 finalists from over 4,300 applications that was submitted, reinforces our drive that we are doing something laudable and with the potentials of greatly impacting our community and the nation at large.

It would have been a deserving honour to have won the category, adding a national award to our kitty, however, one key feedback applying for this competition has done for us is to capture our very essence as a company, which we are committed to pursue.

A very special thanks to Segun David-Akhirevbhulu for shooting, editing and subtitling the video within the short frame of time available to us in ensuring the video was ready for submission.

We do hope you will find our 2-minute video submitted for the awards eye-opening, and we do look forward to possible partnerships on our project.

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