Unveiling the Zucchini Distributors’ Network

Unveiling the Zucchini Distributors’ Network

Build Your Business … Grow with Us

Are you starting out in the fashion retail business or you have a flair for the fashion retail business and do not know how to go about it?

Zucchini Outfits is unveiling her Distribution Network as a platform for easy entrance into the fashion retail business. The network is premised on the slogan – Build Your Business … Grow with Us – with the mind sight of providing leverage for people to earn an income and establish their fashion retail business, while we together build a formidable fashion retail brand.

With #100,000.00; you can get started on our Distributors’ Network and enjoy numerous benefits such as:

  • Discount on Products Purchase
  • Rebate on Purchase Turnover
  • Discounted/Free Freight Expense
  • Business Development Trainings
  • Local/Foreign Trips for Trade Shows & Vacations
  • Opportunity to own a Franchise of the Zucchini Kiddies Experience Center.

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