Our Kidsewstars’ Time-Out at Martha’s Kitchen

Summer sewing class is almost over but it’s not enough that the kids can sew, but that they learn with the sewing skill other basic manners which help in building confidence into the kids. It is in the light of this that we had our lunch today at Martha’s Kitchen, Jericho. This in a bid to teach the kids some of the basic etiquette of dinning. Don’t forget, our approach is to make learning fun and practical for the [...]

Zucchini Fashion Design Summer Camp 2018: Meet Our Kidsewstars

Years ago, handwork was one of the necessary skills for children, little wonder there was dignity in work. While it is very unlikely they will all turn out as fashion icons, there’s a great deal of advantages on the exposure and development of their creative minds. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to make their own designs, sew on a wayward button, hem a new pair of pants, or even craft a new baby gift, handwork provides your children [...]

4 Year Old Inspires At Zucchini Fashion Summer Camp 2018

The 2018 Zucchini Fashion Summer Camp commenced on Monday, 6th August 2018. Our newly designed, equipped and elegant fashion lab specifically tailored towards children development was unveiled for use. It was super fulfilling seeing the children excited, energetic and responsive as the introductory class commenced. Standing out at the opening class of the summer camp was a four year old. Though the summer camp admits children from five years and above, the dad persuaded us to admit her insisting that [...]