Become a Ztrybe: Create Your Income, Leverage Our Platform

Become a Ztrybe: Create Your Income, Leverage Our Platform

It won’t be a bad idea to earn an income, and for some other an extra income, without having to part with funds as initial investment or seed capital, and this is what we are offering you through our affiliate programme, code named, Ztrybe.

Ztrybe provides an empowering platform for affiliates to leverage the Zucchini brand to create their income within the comfort of their space, employing their devices such as telephones, tablets and computers.

Without any seed capital as investment on the platform, affiliates generate their revenue by simply placing product links of Zucchini Outfits product(s) on different social media platforms. Sales made to customers who click on these links will earn the affiliate sales commission, as well as bonus for huge sales.

Our goal as a growing fashion brand is to ensure we provide platforms for people to earn and grow their income, as well as establish businesses in fashion retail knowing they can leverage our platforms for their business success. Affiliates will enjoy the following benefits on the programme:

  • Up to 20% commission and bonus on sales made
  • Access discounted/free business development trainings
  • Undertake paid vacations

Highly Performing Affiliates will have the opportunity of owning a franchise of the Zucchini Kiddies Experience Center.

Get on board now and start earning. Click this link to register:

Or WhatsApp 0908 755 5563

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