About Us

About Zucchini Outfits

As an indigenous kiddies outfit, we employ fashion as a tool to provide children the best in fashionable and functional clothing styles; as well as opportunities for life skill development enabling them discover their innate potentials, hone their skills early, and prepare them for the unfolding world.

C. S. Lewis best expressed our mindset as an organisation that “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work”. This is the very reason we are committed to children in all ramifications ensuring that we meet their yearning needs in fashion, and through fashion

Children Fashion

Children are the essence of our fashion statement. We love them and are thoughtful about them, which is expressed in each of our designs and diverse fashion collections for both boys and girls from 16 years and below. Our fashion items – clothing, footwear, and accessories – are carefully crafted with the uniqueness of each child in mind.

We explore the vibrant and colourful fabrics from across Africa to provide fashionable, fitting and functional fashion styles for children suitable for different occasions and functions – birthdays, weddings, formal and casuals. Our kiddies fashion brand is simply exquisite intended to impress on the child confidence, positive self-esteem and self-worth.

Children Development

Our children’s development platform, under the brand name Zucchini Kiddies Lounge, is designed to discover and hone their creative skills. The Lounge is tailored in practical ways to unleash the creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial abilities in children.

Activities at the Lounge is hinged on play as a creative tool for children’s learning and interaction. Through the lounge we complement the academic endeavours of these children providing them opportunities to acquire life skills as creativity, innovation, problem solving, collaboration, leadership, responsibility, and accountability.

Children Initiatives

Children are at the very core of what we do at Zucchini Outfits and fashion is a vital tool we employ in making the desired impact in the lives of the young ones in their life’s pursuits. We believe that through business we can improve children’s lives. We understand the concept of business for community good through responsible giving.

In giving back to our community we are focused on reaching the less priviledged children in improving access to education, health care, while also offering them life skill development opportunities through our various development platforms to enhance their socio-economic well-being.