Zucchini Kiddies Lounge – Children’s Development & Empowerment

Zucchini Kiddies Lounge – Children’s Development & Empowerment

Zucchini Kiddies Lounge is a children development and empowerment platform initiated by Zucchini Outfits in line with its objective of equipping the child for the future. The Zucchini Kiddies Lounge is tailored in practical ways to unleash the creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial abilities in children.

Activities at the Zucchini Kiddies Lounge is hinged on play as a creative tool for children’s learning and interaction. Through the lounge we complement the academic endeavours of these children providing them opportunities to acquire life skills as creativity, innovation, problem solving, collaboration, leadership, responsibility, and accountability.

We believe as expressed in the words of Jess Lair that, “Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded”. Our trainings are hands-on, employing multimedia tools for presentation, and also introducing them to the evolving technological age. One distinctive feature of our engagement with the children is to bring what they learn in school in practical and applicable terms in the lounge thereby propagating their need for academic excellence and relevance.

These various development platforms are open to children in the Lounge:

  • Fashion & Craft Class
  • Music & Performance Class
  • Modeling & Finishing Class
  • Computer & Digital Class
  • Business & Enterprise Class
Contact & Enquiry
WhatsApp 0908 755 5563
Email kiddieslounge@zucchinioutfits.com

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