Zucchini Fashion Design Summer Camp 2018: Meet Our Kidsewstars

Zucchini Fashion Design Summer Camp 2018: Meet Our Kidsewstars

Years ago, handwork was one of the necessary skills for children, little wonder there was dignity in work. While it is very unlikely they will all turn out as fashion icons, there’s a great deal of advantages on the exposure and development of their creative minds.

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to make their own designs, sew on a wayward button, hem a new pair of pants, or even craft a new baby gift, handwork provides your children with a creative way to:

  • Develop and mature their finger dexterity and fine motor skills
  • Find and build their self-confidence
  • Learn copious amounts of patience (Have you ever had to make a design?)
  • Have a social creative outlet for meeting and gathering with friends

Over the past two weeks at the Zucchini Kiddies Fashion Summer Camp, kids learnt about;

  • The history of fashion – when and how it all started
  • The various fashion items which include shoes, hairstyles, socks, clothes etc. Also learnt is when and how to wear them.
  • The need for clothing, hence the difference between good and bad dressing.
  • Basic fashion tools and accessories like the scissors, thimble, tape measure etc, with their uses. Here, they learnt to thread the needle and make a simple straight stitch using the hand-sewing templates.

The curriculum is tailored to complement what is taught in classrooms but in more practical ways which is according to the age groups and so allowed greatly for exploration of their creative minds.

The summer camp has been quite an eventful one for us as the kids take on several sewing projects appropriate for their age and capability. Some of our sewing projects for the week were Hair Bows, Bow Ties, Skirts, and Blouses.

Besides the sewing projects they were able to complete, they also learnt some basic character building skills  in the process. These are abilities to

  • Try new things and imagine creatively: They gain a sense of what perseverance is all about by trying something new or difficult. Creative challenges are mentally invigorating and expand the mind.
  • Learn from mistakes: They develop a positive attitude to mistakes to learn and move forward. So instead of having an attitude of “I can’t” when things go wrong, we say “Let’s keep trying”!
  • Learn dexterity and confidence.

With each completed project, perseverance and confidence grow. It is a circular thing, growing with each little success, eager to tackle more complexity.

Above all, growth in a child is a long process of training and this is the reason we start early Zucchini Kiddies Lounge. Whatsapp/Call 09087555563 or check www.zucchinioutfits.com to find out how we do it.

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