Our Kidsewstars’ Time-Out at Martha’s Kitchen

Our Kidsewstars’ Time-Out at Martha’s Kitchen

Summer sewing class is almost over but it’s not enough that the kids can sew, but that they learn with the sewing skill other basic manners which help in building confidence into the kids. It is in the light of this that we had our lunch today at Martha’s Kitchen, Jericho. This in a bid to teach the kids some of the basic etiquette of dinning. Don’t forget, our approach is to make learning fun and practical for the kids.


Zucchini Outfits through her children development initiative runs the Kiddies Lounge which complements the educational pursuits of child, engaging a practical, hands-ons and fun approach. Zucchini Kiddies Lounge hosting the 2018 Fashion Design Summer Camp for the young adults as part of its activities of the camp took time off from sewing to teach them basic dining etiquette. Martha’s Kitchen, Jericho, Ibadan hosted the sewstars. They were taught the dining arrangements, different cutlery and how it is used.

After the teaching session, the sewstars went ahead to put into practice the skills they had learnt with a sumptuous meal served. Very interesting and fascinating to see the children try to the best use the cutlery set as they enjoyed their meal.

It was great fun for the sewstars dressed colourfully in Ankara Themed TShirts produced by Zucchini Fashion Brand, gaily entertained in the beautiful ambience of Mrtha’s Kitchen. On our part, we are rest assured that a seed is being sowed in the lives of this young ones.

The Zucchini Kiddies Lounge has four core classes of development for the child:
1. Fashion & Creative Class
2. Modelling & Finishing Class
3. Music & Performance Class
4. Enterprise & Business Class

We go all the way with each child understanding their uniqueness, identifying their giftings, and fostering their potentials.

Your child need not be left out!

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