Introducing the Zucchini Royalty Card

The Zucchini Royalty Card, also referred to as the Zucchini Purple Card is a virtual value card which affords the recipient to be treated with royalty and offered premium preference when making purchases on our online store. The recipient enjoys the following: Makes purchases with the card all year round. Enjoys 25% Discount on all purchases. Free Delivery for all purchases. Recognized as a donor to the Zucchini Kiddies Initiatives based on the contribution of 30% of profit from every purchase to the [...]

Become a Ztrybe: Create Your Income, Leverage Our Platform

It won’t be a bad idea to earn an income, and for some other an extra income, without having to part with funds as initial investment or seed capital, and this is what we are offering you through our affiliate programme, code named, Ztrybe. Ztrybe provides an empowering platform for affiliates to leverage the Zucchini brand to create their income within the comfort of their space, employing their devices such as telephones, tablets and computers. Without any seed capital as investment [...]

Zucchini Kiddies Lounge – Children’s Development & Empowerment

Zucchini Kiddies Lounge is a children development and empowerment platform initiated by Zucchini Outfits in line with its objective of equipping the child for the future. The Zucchini Kiddies Lounge is tailored in practical ways to unleash the creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial abilities in children. Activities at the Zucchini Kiddies Lounge is hinged on play as a creative tool for children’s learning and interaction. Through the lounge we complement the academic endeavours of these children providing them opportunities to acquire [...]

Join the Zucchini Distributors Network – Build Your Business … Grow With Us

The Distributors Network is designed to provide a leverage platform for: Anyone interested in starting a fashion retail business. Anyone interested in earning an extra income. Anyone interested in empowering someone. With the catch phrase – Build Your Business, Grow with Us – through our wholesales programme, we’re creating empowering opportunities for people to earn an income, build a sustainable fashion retail business and employ others. We are looking forward to work with people on our distribution network to ensure they have all [...]

Our Fashion Brand … Simply Exquisite

At Zucchini Outfits, Children are the essence of our fashion statement. We pride ourselves at employing African fabrics and prints to provide fashionable, fitting and functional clothing styles for children – both boys and girls from the age of 16 years and below. We explore the vibrant and colourful prints from across Africa in our trendy styles and designs portraying the rich African experience and importantly ensuring a feeling of confidence, comfort and positive outlook for children. We provide children clothing [...]

15% Off Ad’re Clothing Collections

The Ad’re Collection of the Zucchini Kiddies Clothing brand are styles and designs produced from the popular Abeokuta “Adire” tie n dye fabrics. These unique pieces of clothing offers children the experience of a people’s beautiful culture, craftmanship and arts in fashion. Save up to 15% on purchases using the code “ADRETIENDYE” on any of our Ad’re Collections on our online store at

The 3rd MSME Clinic Awards: Reminiscence

The 3rd MSME Clinic awards has come and gone, leaving behind impressions in the minds of a selected few. The yearly awards organized by the office of the Vice-President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo as a way of recognizing, commending and rewarding the efforts of the MSME community in their contributions to the development of the nation is very laudable. On our part as a business, though not clinching the prize for the Fashion and Style category we entered for, [...]

Make Your Child’s Birthday Memorable

Children look forward to their birthdays with such great enthusiasm and excitement. Parents on the other hand, look forward to make their child’s birthday not just fun filling but memorable as well. We at Zucchini Outfits love to help parents achieve this desire of making the day such a memorable one for their child with our exquisite clothing products. On monthly basis, commencing this month of July, parents will have the opportunity to shop via our online store – – using [...]

Unveiling the Zucchini Distributors’ Network

Build Your Business … Grow with Us Are you starting out in the fashion retail business or you have a flair for the fashion retail business and do not know how to go about it? Zucchini Outfits is unveiling her Distribution Network as a platform for easy entrance into the fashion retail business. The network is premised on the slogan – Build Your Business … Grow with Us – with the mind sight of providing leverage for people to earn an [...]