Fashion Center

Zucchini Fashion Center

Zucchini Fashion Center is a fashion production company, with special preference for clothing production. It is positioned as an indigenous center for fashion innovation, training, research, consultancy and production for players in the fashion industry.

The center’s activities are divided into two broad aspects:

  • Vocation & Enterprise Development
  • Innovation & Production Hub

The goal at Zucchini Fashion Center is to provide players a platform for a successful enterprise and career in the fashion industry.

Vocation & Enterprise Development

The Zucchini Fashion Center – Vocation & Enterprise Development provides specialized course training affording learners the opportunity to develop practical, vocational, creative and commercial skills in the fashion industry. We equip individuals with the skills and practical, hands-on experiences they require to handle the entire creative process of fashion – from concept to consumer.

Our training programmes are categorized as follows:

  • Basic Programmes (4 – 6 Months)
  • Advance Programmes (6 – 24 Months)
  • Capacity Development Series (1 – 4 Weeks)
  • Apprenticeship Programmes (12 Months Minimum)

Innovation & Production Hub

On the other hand, the Zucchini Fashion Center – Innovation & Production Hub facilitates business and production services for players in the fashion industry, especially for clothing retail brands, brand wears for corporate and social events, as well as other fashion services. The hub also affords startup fashion designers a production space to produce and operate their business from at a token expense.

The services offered at the Innovation & Production Hub are:

  • Couture & Bespoke Tailoring
  • Fashion Retail Production
  • Brand Production
  • Fashion Services

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